Democrats officially launch alternative economic plan

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats officially launched its economic manifesto at the pre-election rally last Saturday. Entitled It’s About You, this publication is a comprehensive and detailed account of the SDP’s proposals to take Singapore forward.

Mr Gandhi Ambalam, chairman of the party, unveiled the publication during the opening ceremony of the rally and called the PAP to stop, once and for all, the nonsense that the opposition does not have the solutions to Singapore’s economic problems. Unfortunately, its media continue to black out news of the SDP’s programme.

This will not discourage us from campaigning on our manifesto during the elections. We ask our supporterrs to help us highlight this publication and spread the word that the SDP has in place a workable and realistic economic alternative to the PAP’s policies, one that will benefit all Sinaporeans and uplift our society.

Below is Mr Ambalam’s address during the launch:


Ladies and gentlemen,

The PAP is fond of accusing the opposition of not offering an alternative vision for Singapore. It continues to propagate the untruth that its policies are the only ones for Singapore and that the opposition cannot come up with anything better.

It gives me great pleasure to, once and for all, demolish this nonsense. I proudly present to you the SDP’s alternative economic programme. Entitled It’s About You, this programme is a comprehensive and detailed presentation of our party’s proposals and solutions to the current economic problems that many Singaporeans face.

This report deals with a wide range of economic problems that Singaporeans encounter from healthcare cost to income inequalty, from the inadequacy of CPF funds to the exploitative wage system.

Our biggest contention is the widening disparity between the super-rich in this country and middle- and lower income groups. Such a trend is both unhealthy and unsustainable for our country. It is an economic structure that exploits rather than inspires.

What we propose is a system levels up society, that ensures economic justice and one that allows prosperity for all Singaporeans, not just the wealthy and powerful. It is an egalitarian economic system that we seek and will work towards.

Most of all, we want to emphasize that with this publication the SDP once again proves itself to be a party that is constructive and is worthy of the support of the people.

Thank you.

Gandhi Ambalam



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