The rally in pictures

Singapore Democrats

The planning was meticulous, the logistical preparations enormous, and the fun priceless. Politics is hardwork but what good is all this if you can’t have fun along the way?

Here at the SDP, we don’t believe in going about our struggle with a moping face to show everyone how difficult things are for us. We want people to see the joy and pride in our hearts in fighting for justice and freedom. We want our fellow Singaporeans to see the positive, alternative message – a message of hope. We hope this shows through in these pictures…


Under A Velvet Sky performing alternative jazz pieces during the YD’s Rocking for Rights segment. One number was actually entitled Tak Boleh Tahan.

Danny and his two lovely assistants from the audience doing the hula-hoop (or at least trying very hard). Danny can bearly keep it up (bear-ly keep it up, get it? “Bear”-ly as in Danny the…oh never mind). 

Watch out for this photo in the
next issue of Petir.

John Law
Deputy Head, Logistics
Chief Officer, Music
Singapore Democratic Party


Opening the rally with our Pledge
(or “Aspirations” according to one…)

Jarrod and Khalis belting out “Ji Pa Ban” (“One million dollars”). This is dedicated to our dear ministers.

Winds of change

We love you too, Danny.


He came. He spoke. He wowed.

Thank you, friends and supporters. See you at the GE!

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