Singapore casinos ruining Johor families

The Star

Casinos in Singapore are ruining Johor families as many housewives are being lured by “free” daily packages and neglecting their responsibilities.

Tang Nai Soon (BN-Pekan Nenas) said about 30% of the gamblers, mostly local housewives, opted for “free” packages ar­­ranged by private individuals and companies for daily trips to the casino.

“They spend an average of 10 hours at the casino on each trip,’’ he said, adding that more than 30 bus-loads of them make the journey daily.

“Some housewives would even secretly borrow from Ah Longs and pay high interest rates to hide their gambling activities from their husbands,” Tang added.

Tang suggested that the Government hold diplomatic talks with Singapore to stop such free packages as soon as possible.

“The Government also needs to limit the number of Malaysians entering casinos in Singapore.

“A counselling centre for gambling addicts should also be set up,” he said.

Meanwhile, state Local Govern­ment, Housing, Art, Culture and Heritage Committee chairman Datuk Ahmad Zahri Jamil said a 96 Joint Management Bodies (JMB) had been set up in Johor Baru to monitor problems pertaining to apartments and condominiums.

“Among the common problems raised are management troubles, maintenance fees as well as damaged facilities,” he said, to a question by Chia Song Cheng (BN-Pengkalan Rinting).

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