Straits Times apologizes to Gandhi Ambalam

Singapore Democrats

The Straits Times has apologized to Mr Gandhi Ambalam for an erroneous report published on 20 Nov 10 that said that Mr Ambalam is a bankrupt and barred from standing for the GE. This is not true. Under the “What it should have been” column, the newspaper said sorry to the SDP chairman.


What it should have been

The report “Rebranding the SDP” last Saturday stated incorrectly that Singapore Democratic Party chairman Gandhi Ambalam is a bankrupt and barred from contesting the next general election.

He is not a bankrupt. But he is barred from contesting an election until November 2011 as he was fined $3,000 in November 2006 for speaking in public without a permit.

We are sorry for the error.

Straits Times (24 Nov 10)

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