Democrats continue work at Holland-BT despite unfairness

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats continued to work the ground in the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC last weekend selling the party’s flagship publication of The New Democrat. Party members were out at Holland Village last Saturday, urging residents there to support the SDP in the coming elections.

“Help us build up the opposition so that we can speak up for you,” members urged as they sold copies of the newspaper.

The SDP has targeted the GRC as one of the constituencies that we will contest in the coming elections. 
It still remains unclear how the GRC is going to be redrawn for the next elections. It is incredible that even at this late stage when the GE is imminent, the PAP Government still refuses to announce the new boundaries.

One of the reasons could be that the authorities are monitoring the activities of the opposition to see how it can configure the boundaries to give the PAP maximum advantage.

The refusal to announce the new boundaries as well as the number of candidates required for the GRC greatly hampers the preparation of the Democrats for the fight during the actual hustings.

The GE must be called by early 2012. In all likelihood, it will be held in the first quarter of 2011. And yet the boundaries are still a state secret. In the 1997 elections, the changed boundaries were announced just the day before Parliament was dissolved!

Why is the PAP afraid of a fair fight?

The Singapore Democrats will nevertheless continue our campaign this weekend at the same GRC. We urge Singaporeans to step forward and help us level the playing field by volunteering to campaign with us. Please email us at

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