‘Help us get into Parliament so that we can fight for you’

Singapore Democrats

Democrats – and proud of it!

SDP members congregated this morning at the Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre to continue with our campaign at the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC in preparation for the GE. Again we were greeted warmly by the residents there. The Democrats had visited the area a few week ago.

Several people came over to confirm if the party was going to contest in the ward.

“We certainly intend to,” was the reply, “but we have to wait to see how the PAP redraws the boundaries.”

He charms them, young and old

The Government has steadfastly refused to announce the new boundaries even though the elections are around the corner.

This delay tactic is totally unbecoming and plays greatly to the advantage of the ruling party.

It is a tactic that has been employed by the PAP for decades, targeted at hampering the opposition’s efforts to organise effectively for the elections. We repeat our call again for the PAP to release the boundaries immediately.

Another happy reader

Many of the readers seemed to pay particular attention to the report about the Ministers’ salaries. Several were seen pointing to the salary that PM Lee Hsien Loong paid himself (more than $3 million a year).

“This is information you will not read in the Straits Times,” members said as they walked among the Sunday morning shoppers having their breakfasts and doing their marketing. “Help us get into Parliament so that we can fight for you.”

They responded enthusiastically

Most people responded by buying The New Democrat, our party’s newspaper. Many greeted us with warmth and enthusiasm as these pictures show.

Of course, there were those who seemed fearful. They would wait until we were away from the glare of other members of the public before quietly asking for a copy of the newspaper.

Danny was, of course, also present and charmed many a little hearts. Even the not-so-little ones seemed taken in by the Democracy Bear.

A few came up to rub his cheeks as if for good luck’s sake like they do the stomach of the fat Buddha.

Whether he will bring good luck to those who touched him is anybody’s guess, but Danny will certainly bring good cheer to the electorate who seem happy to see our friendly mascot.

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