India to launch S’pore satellite soon

P. S. Suryanarayana
The Hindu

The Indian Space Research Organisation is set to place Singapore’s first satellite in orbit within a month or so. Announcing this, India’s High Commissioner to Singapore, T. C. A. Raghavan, said here on Tuesday that the experimental satellite was made by a university in the City-State itself.

Briefing journalists on ‘The India Show’ to be held here next month, Dr. Raghavan said “there is already a science and technology platform” of cooperation between the universities and research institutes of the two countries. “One of the very good things in the India-Singapore bilateral relationship is that research institutions and universities have direct links with each other.” And, the governments of the two countries also inked, a Memorandum of Understanding a few years ago.

‘The India Show,’ the first under this banner in Southeast Asia and only the third globally, would shine the spotlight on Singapore as a partner in the implementation of New Delhi’s Look-East policy. Besides trade and other economic issues including investment flows, a highlight of the Show would be an Indian space pavilion.

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