S’pore Foreign Minister pitches for good Sino-India ties


Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo today pitched for strong Sino-Indian ties, saying that “some” of what is being made of the “rivalry” between the two countries was in the interest of “third parties”.

“Much has been made of the rivalry between China and India in the recent months, some of which no doubt is in the interest of third parties,” Yeo said while speaking on ”Tagore”s Dream for Good Relations Between India and China” at the Netaji Research Bureau here.

Stating that the border between India and China remains a “dispute,” and media on both sides tended to “sensationalise matters,” Yeo said leaders of both the countries were, however, mindful about the necessity of good bilateral relations for each to develop.

He observed that India and China”s re-emergence on the world stage was already altering the shape of global politics and economics.

“If these two countries have the wisdom to cooperate and resolve disputes in a peaceful way, Asia will be completely transformed and with it, the rest of the world.”

Describing China as the pole of East Asia and India the pole of South Asia, Yeo said good relations between the two countries would not only benefit East and South Asia, but also the regions between Central and Southeast Asia. “That”s two- thirds of the world.”


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