Happy Holidays, my friends!

Singapore Democrats

Hi everyone,

It’s the Holiday Season again! As you go about spending time with your loved ones I want to wish you the very best of wishes and good cheer.

You know when I came into the picture, I was so warmly welcomed by all of you that it made my task seem like a breeze. You have been wonderful to me and I want to say a big Thank You to all of you. 
And to the many of you who came up to say hello when I visited your constituency, I want you to know that I enjoyed meeting you too and I hope to see you again as I will be around a lot more.

And to those precious little ones whom I met – you should see their adorable expressions – you make my day. The world is so much better with you around.

This year has really been exciting for me with all the attention that I got. I even starred in a movie, can you believe it? But exciting as 2010 is I can’t wait for 2011 because things are going to get a lot more fun. My buddies at the SDP are really working hard to make it so and I’m so glad I’m part of the team.

We’re doing things never done before and we’re breaking new ground in many areas. There’s innovation and creativity, and the energy and drive are infectious. I like. I always remind everyone that we must enjoy what we’re doing. Along the way, we’ve got to learn how to smell the roses. Otherwise things can get un-‘bear’-able.

So why not come and join me? It’s hardwork but it’s also lots of fun. You can help me think of how we can do things differently and do them better. We must think out of the box. The best part of it is that we can make things better for everyone, for our own future.

So send me your emails to sdp@yoursdp.org, won’t you? I love to read messages even though I have difficulty replying because the keyboards here are so darn small. (Which reminds me, I’ve got to get the guys at Communications to get me one of those Bear-series keyboards. It’s taking me forever to type this letter.)

Oh, one more thing, I read about another Danny from another party who was also making news. Embarassed I guess it’s the year of Dannys, huh?

Well, time for me to go, all those cakes and candy – they are a-calling. I’m coming, I’m coming. But before I do, I just want to say: From all of us at the SDP, here’s to more exciting times ahead. Send my love and best wishes to your loved ones and friends. Have a great holiday, everyone. 

Lots of bear hugs,


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