SDP gets warm reception from BP residents

Singapore Democrats

A resident holding up an SDP mug and posing with John Law

The Singapore Democrats continued our pre-election campaign with members knocking on residents’ doors during our house visit with Bukit Panjang residents yesterday. We are encouraged by the warm reception that residents showed us during our visit. One lady told us that she is helping to canvass for the SDP among her friends and neighbours in the estate.

Many of those we met expressed their concerns over the continued rise in the cost of living. A few said that the mass immigartion of foreign workers concerned them greatly.

A group of housewives sitting and chatting along the corridor said that they will support the Democrats in the elections. They said that they had read our newspaper The New Democrat and were concerned that after the elections, the Government will raise the GST further.

Speaking in Hokkien, one of them said: “If the GST goes up to 10 percent, I will have even more problems going to the market.”

We have made our intent clear on taking on PAP MP Dr Teo Ho Pin in his Bukit Panjang ward at the next general elections and have called on the Prime Minister’s Office to leave the constituency alone as a single-member seat.

While our online effort continues to expand, our groundwork to reach out to the electorate has not stopped either. We have been busy meeting the people at the market and food centres to hear their concerns and to tell them the importance of getting the SDP into Parliament to speak up for them. We are on target to visit all the blocks in the estate. 

While we spend much time at the constituency, we are also focusing our attention on a couple of other constituencies which include, but are not limited to, the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC and the Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC.

Fire incident

While we were on our rounds, a fire broke out at of the the blocks yesterday afternoon. No one was reported injured although the incident caused a commotion in the neighbourhood. Thick smoke enveloped the surrounding area as fire-fighters worked to put the fire out.

When the fire was out and the crew was packing up to leave one of the men came up to us and said: “Doing your house visits?” He gave us the thumbs up before walking away.

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