SDP visits Bukit Panjang family caught in fire

Singapore Democrats

SDP executive committee member Sylvester Lim (left) and Young Democrat Teoh Tian Jing (below) paid a visit yesterday to the family whose house at Bukit Panjang caught fire. The 10th storey flat was engulfed in flames when the Singapore Democrats visited the area last Saturday.

Messrs Lim and Teoh had brought some groceries for the family because it might be a time when the family may in need of some support. Not surprisingly, however, no one was around. Mr Lim and Mr Teoh left the bags of groceries with the neighbours.

No one was reported injured in the fire which took place in the late afternoon. SDP members were doing our weekend rounds knocking on doors and visiting residents at Bukit Panjang when the incident happened.

Mr Lim and Mr Teoh also visited the other flats that were affected by the fire. Our main concern is whether the family was receiving adequate assistance. We had wanted to offer to help paint the flat and to make simple repairs to households fixtures and items if they were not too badly damaged.

We could also help to start and facilitate a collection that would help to pay for the restoration of the flat if the family did not have fire insurance. We will attempt to visit the family again.

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