House visits continue at Bukit Panjang

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democrats kept up with our goal to visit every block of flats at the Bukit Panjang constituency yesterday to garner support for the upcoming elections expected to be held in the first-half of this year.

Members and volunteers knocked on doors at the estate handing out flyers and selling The New Democrat. The residents were generally responsive. As before several whom we spoke to said that they were concerned about the cost of living. 
The Democrats have been visiting the constituency over the last few years and continue to build up ground support. While we continue to lead in the use of the new media for our political work, we are also at the forefront when it comes to establishing our ground presence and meeting the voters.

However, compared to the PAP we are still at a great disadvantage. This is because the ruling party uses the Residents’ Committees and other state resources to do its work.

The only way that we are going to overcome this huge hurdle is for Singaporeans to step forward and help us do our house visits. Every door we knock and every resident we speak to is going to increase the number of votes the SDP receives.

As we press on, we ask our supporters to step forward and give us a hand. Democracy is not a spectator sport. Singaporeans cannot just rely on party members to do all the work. Everyone must pitch in and do their part. It is only when all our supporters roll up their sleeves and do their bit in this Herculean task will we be able to make a difference.

Please email us at and volunteer. Help us build up democracy in Singapore. We need your support.