Nearly $6,000 collected for CSJ ‘s fine

Singapore Democrats

Dear friends and supporters,

To date we have collected almost $6,000 in contributions for Dr Chee Soon Juan’s fine which the Judiciary imposed. Dr Chee was fined a total of $20,000 for speaking in public, an act which citizens of democratic countries conduct as a matter of right.

In Singapore, however, this is an offence even though freedom of speech is a fundamental right enshrined in our Constitution as well as the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We, the Singapore Democrats, have consistently emphasized the importance of civil liberties in Singapore. Some argue that political rights are not what Singaporeans are interested in.

This is a terrible mistake to make. Without free speech and peaceful assembly, citizens are powerless against their governments. Without political rights, governments are able to do as they please without regard for the people’s welfare as is the case with the PAP.

Without rights, the opposition and civil society are weak and cannot play an effective role in keeping the government in check. Ultimately, this means that the people are constantly at the mercy of their rulers.

Instead of the ruling party serving the people, it is the people serving the ruling party. Our present socio-economic problems stem mainly from our lack of political rights.

This is why we fight so hard to reclaim back the rights of Singaporeans. We will continue to do this and we hope more and more Singaporeans will join us in our effort.

We thank the many of you who have contributed to Dr Chee’s fine and we are grateful for your warm support. We note that many of you are not financially well-off and yet have come forward to do your part. We are very touched and encouraged. No matter what the PAP does to us, we will continue to keep the flag of democracy flying high.

Nonetheless, there is still a shortfall of $14,000 and we hope that those of you who have yet to give, would do so soon (please read “Stop Dr Chee from going to prison this election” here).

In the meantime, below is the amount of contributions received to-date (as of 30 Jan 11, Sunday) for Dr Chee Soon Juan’s fine. The deadline is 10 Feb 11. You can also click here for daily updates on the progress of the collection.



Thank you for your contributions

0                             5k                           10k                          15k                          20k

Amount received so far: $5,800 Amount needed: $20,000   Shortfall: $14,200

Updated: 30 Jan 2011, Sunday

For story, click here.  

Yours in solidarity,

Gandhi Ambalam
Singapore Democratic Party

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