$20K reached, thank you!

Singapore Democrats

We are glad to announce that we have reached the target of $20,000 in contributions for Dr Chee Soon Juan’s fine. We wish to thank each and everyone of you who have donated to the fund to keep Dr Chee out of prison so that he is available to lead the SDP during the upcoming GE. The final tally is $20,120.

This is a historical development in that it is the first time that Singaporeans have rallied together to show such encouraging support for an opposition cause.

More than just keeping Dr Chee out of jail, Singaporeans have rallied and sent a message that they will not sit idly by when the opposition is persecuted. 

Thank you for your contributions

0                           5k                         10k                        15k                        20k

Amount received: $20,120                Amount needed: $20,000 

It is also significant that the effort has been entirely driven on the Internet. In this regard, the Singapore Democrats would like to acknowledge the role and the support given by the online community such as newsblogs Temasek Review, The Online Citizen, Sgpolitics, 3in1 Kopitiam as well as forummers in Sam’s Alfresco Coffee Shop, SgForums and other online forums.

It is important that we continue to leverage on cyberspace to increase political space in Singapore. This exercise has given civil society and the opposition a gauge on the power of the new media. It has shown that when we come together, we can be an effective force. We can only gain confidence as we build up our influence to open up society in Singapore.

The donations came in big and small packages. Some were in the thousands but many were smaller amounts of $10. Most inspiring was the fact that many were youths. A few indicated that they were financially not well-off but wanted to do their part for democracy. One retiree even gave $500 and would have given more if he did not have to pay for his dialysis treatment. We declined the offer but the donor insisted that we accept it.

To this gentleman and to all of you, we say a big thank you.

Now we press on with our fight for freedom and justice. The SDP is, and will always be, your voice.

Yours sincerely,


Gandhi Ambalam
Francis Yong
John Tan
Asst. Secretary-General
Gerald Sng
Jeffrey George
Asst. Treasurer
Chee Siok Chin
Member, CEC
Mohd Jufrie Mahmood
Member, CEC
Mohd Isa Abdul Azizy
Member, CEC
Sylvester Lim
Member, CEC
Johnny Hoe
Member, CEC
Laurence Lai
Member, CEC


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