Wijeysingha to deliver SDP’s Alternative Budget 2011

Singapore Democrats

Dr Vincent Wijeysingha will deliver the alternative to the Government’s Budget next week. He will present the Singapore Democrats’ financial plan for Singapore for FY2011 as a counter to the PAP’s budget proposals.

Such an effort is unprecedented in Singapore’s political history. Never before has an opposition party put up a budget to rival the PAP’s. We do this because the Government’s Budget has in past years glossed over the real problems of Singapore’s economy and the needs of the people.

An alternative budget is needed to show the people how our national problems can be addressed through proper prioritization of our needs and prudent allocation of our financial resources.

To be launched next week, Alternative Budget 2011 will highlight the weaknesses of the PAP’s approach, citing past budgets where the Government has mis-prioritized the needs of the populace.

Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam will present the Government’s Budget in Parliament next Friday, 18 Feb 11.

With the elections looming it is certain that this year’s Budget will be gimmicky with lots of giveaways. Whether Singaporeans really benefit from such measures is another matter. Despite all the fancily named financial packages and incentives, working Singaporeans continued to see their real incomes diminish even as living costs escalate. This has led to a widening income gap, resulting in significant social and economic problems for the people.

The Singapore Democrats’ alternative budget aims at tackling the root cause of these problems and our expenditure allocation will seek to redress the imbalances created by the PAP.

Dr Wijeysingha will present a realistic budget proposal without all the bells and whistles that the PAP uses to distract the people from the real problems especially in an election year. The SDP’s alternative will provide genuine solutions that will tackle the immediate needs of Singaporeans as well as address longer-term economic issues of our nation. 

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