Budget to benefit Singaporeans? Look again

Singapore Democrats

The PAP is handing out goodies like there was no tomorrow. It has to. Because it’s desperate. It knows that without these feel-good giveaways, there would be trouble at the next elections.

This is why it is handing out up to $800 per voter on 1 May 2011. And you can be sure the polling day will not be far from that date. But if you think that the goody (and the rest of the budgetary items) are financially attractive, stop and look again.



The Singapore Democrats will present an analysis of the Budget and show how Singaporeans continue to be fleeced. The SDP Budget committee met immediately after the Finance Minister released details of the Budget. Going through the numbers, we found that Mr Tharman’s offers fell far short of what was needed to help Singaporeans and Singapore’s economy.

This Budget is essentially no different from previous budgets. It is basically a Budget full of pork designed to buy votes especially during an election year than one that would address the real problems of Singaporeans.

The SDP’s
Shadow Budget, on the other hand, is genuinely a developmental and progressive one and has been drawn up to ensure that we invest in, not exploit, our most important resource: our people.

Dr Vincent Wijeysingha will present a breakdown of the Mr Tharman’s Budget at SDP’s annual dinner
Kampung Night tonight. He will also compare it to the Shadow Budget and demonstrate how the PAP’s version will not benefit Singaporeans, and that the people will be better off under the SDP’s plan.

Dr Wijeysingha will focus on the following items announced by the Minister:


  • The Growth and Share package
  • The HDB grant for first-time, low-income buyers
  • The increase of $100 of foreign workers’ levy
  • The abolition of the TV and radio licence
  • The increase of expenditure for Mindef
  • The increase of the PMO’s budget


The media have been invited to attend Dr Wijeysingha’s address and the annual dinner, as well as to the press conference thereafter.

If you would like to attend the dinner, please call Ms Jaslyn Go at 9239-3133.

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