Singapore’s No. 1 party website just got more popular

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 SDP’s Alexa ranking

Singapore’s No. 1 party website just got more popular. According to which tracks website traffic across the world, the SDP’s website ranks 1,173 in Singapore as of 23 Feb 11 (compared to more than 2,000 in January). Just in the last month, the number of visits surged by 130%!

Our own tracking of the analytics supports Alexa’s statistics. The number of our readers have more than doubled since December 2010. In addition, the number of pageviews and time spent on site have increased significantly.

This means that not only are more people visiting the website but they are staying longer and reading more articles.

The next most visited political party website in Singapore – the PAP’s – is a distant scond. Its website is ranked 11,910 in Singapore – 10,000 positions below ours. In fact, the the past month traffic to its site plummeted by -30%.

All this goes to show one thing: The SDP can more than compete with the PAP and beat it in a political contest if there is a free flow of information where Singaporeans can see for themselves what the two parties offer.

The PAP banks on the Singapore Press Holdings and, more importantly, the MediaCorps in blacking out news about the opposition while sycophnatically lavishing praise on it.

But as much as we have progressed we still have much to do. We are intensifying our online effort as cyberspace is going to be a key battleground for the upcoming general elections.

  PAP’s Alexa ranking

We will launch a revamped GE website, upload more videos (you won’t want to miss some of these) and increase the frequency of updates of news and analysis.

Our webteam is also working harder to increase our capacity and capability to reach out to more Singaporeans.

You, our readers and supporters, can do your part. Send this email to all your family and friends, and urge them to visit this website and get to know what the Singapore Democrats are doing and saying.

At the top of this page is an icon of an envelope. Click on it and it will prompt you to send this article to others.

We are confident that if Singaporeans visit this website and read about our ideas, programmes, and our people, they will support and vote for us in the elections.

You can also invite your friends to join our Facebook. Help us spread our message by posting our news on your Facebook.

Let’s set ourselves this goal: Let’s work to get this website past the 1,000th position in Alexa over the next few weeks. You’ve seen that when we come together we can do amazing things. Let’s change Singapore. Let’s make it better.

This coming elections will be crucial. We would like to ask you to do your part. Thank you.

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