SDP: Give at least three weeks for campaigning

Singapore Democrats

Now that the electoral boundaries have been announced, the Singapore Democrats call on Mr Lee Hsien Loong to announce the Polling Day early in advance and give at least a three-week campaign period. Already the minimum of nine days to campaign has been shortened by the Cooling Off Day. Anything else will show that the leader of the PAP is afraid of facing the electorate over the issues.

In addition the period between the dissolution of Parliament and Nomination Day should be at least eight days.

Such an arrangement will ensure that the period from the dissolution of Parliament to Polling Day is one month. This is the normal practice in democratic countries. Such systems make sure that elections are about a comprehensive and intense scrutiny of the parties, their candidates and policies by the people.

In Singapore, however, the ruling party keeps the campaign senselessly short so that its policies remain unscrutinised and undebated.   

To be sure, there are many grave concerns that confront Singaporeans in this elections and the Opposition should be given ample time to communicate our message to the voters.

Already the PAP has the media under its control which has led to voters getting very limited and slanted information of the Opposition whereas PAP is falsely portrayed as the only party able to govern this country.

In addition there are a myriad of laws and regulations which apply unevenly between the PAP and the opposition.

If Mr Lee Hsien Loong and his party are truly confident of their policies and style of government, why does he need to resort to such undemocratic and unfair controls, admitting even to buying his support and fixing his opponents?

All this only demonstrates his insecurity and nervousness about letting the people hear from the Opposition and making up their minds freely and without fear.

The Singapore Democrats are confident that if the playing field is level – that we are given adequate time to mount our logistics, communicate with voters, and get our views through the mass media – we will win the contest.

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