Democrats to do walkabout at Whampoa this Sunday

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will be in the newly created Whampoa SMC this Sunday to do its walkabout. We will be visiting residents there as part of our ground campaign in preparation for the coming elections.

The Party will assemble at the Whampoa Food Centre, Blk 92 Whampoa Drive and begin our activity at 9am.

We have been in the area selling our newspaper, The New Democrat, for the last few years in anticipation of the constituency being carved out. The constituency is presently a part of the Jalan Besar GRC.


Following our exercise there we will proceed to the Yuhua SMC in Jurong East to continue our walkabout.

We are looking forward to contesting in these constituencies.

Our message will be that the escalating cost of living will get even higher in the months to come and that the PAP is the problem, not the solution.

We also want to tell them about our Singaporeans First Policy where we emphasize that Singaporeans should be given priority when it comes to employment and that the number of foreign workers allowed into the country should be judiciously curtailed. 

We will also be introducing to the residents our economic manifesto It’s About You and our Shadow Budget 2011: Empowering the Nation. Just as importantly we want to bring to their attention the importance of this website and to encourage them to get to know the Singapore Democrats better.

We would like to establish direct communication with the voters so that our information will not be censored by the state media.

We are confident that when the electorate has a chance to watch and read about the SDP, they will be inclined to vote for the party – a party that is competent, constructive and compassionate.

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