Let us help to resolve RP issue

Singapore Democrats

It is most unfortunate that developments in the Reform Party (RP) have come to a head causing some of its members to resign from the party. The SDP has indicated that it is in no position, nor does it wish, to comment on the matter. Our position still stands.

We have friends on both sides, both in the RP and among those who have left. We would not like to see matters deteriorate further and would like to appeal to all involved to come to an amicable settlement over the differences.

Like Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam, some of those who left the RP had also contributed to the $20,000 for the fine imposed on me a few weeks ago. These contributions were not small although they were kept private. I have met many of the members who had resigned from RP and I wish to state clearly and unambiguously that they are upright Singaporeans who care deeply about the state of this nation, Singaporeans who are willing to work for the democratic cause.

We ask all opposition supporters not to make comments that cast aspersion on either camp. Let us stop speculating about what happened within the RP, and the motivations of the actors that led to their parting of ways. Let us instead try to find ways to help resolve the issue.

In-fighting within the opposition camp, no matter which party is involved, benefits no one but the PAP. With the elections around the corner, we cannot fragment. Instead we must demonstrate solidarity that will instill confidence in the electorate to support us. We must show leadership at this crucial juncture.

In every crisis, there is opportunity. Let us look on the positive side and work to see which doors are open. In the meantime we ask all opposition parties to respect the difficult times the RP and its former members are going through, and to hold in abeyance our inclinations to offer anything other than genuine assistance.

In solidarity,

Chee Soon Juan