Smoking on the rise in S’pore

Elina Needham

Recent figures have painted a worrying picture regarding the habit of smoking among Singaporeans. Apparently, smoking rates in the country have witnessed a significant increase to reach 14.3% from 12.6% over the past six years. The increase in average rates is worrying. However, the biggest cause of concern is the increase in the smoking rate for youngster.

It has been stated that people between 18 and 29 years witnessed a hike in smoking rates from 12.3% to 16.3%. The rise has come despite the fact that the government has launched many anti-smoking initiatives over the past couple of years. Still, the figures somehow are not surprising as authorities need to understand that people don’t smoke out of the costs involved.

It needs to be kept in mind that the government has already launched a number of anti-smoking initiatives to curb the increasing prevalence of smoking. It has initiated public education campaigns, stricter laws on the sale of cigarettes to minors, prosecution of underage smokers and has even banned smoking in public places.


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