Why is SDP excluded from CNA programme again?

Singapore Democrats

There will be a television programme on Channel News Asia’s Talking Points tonight where the PAP and some opposition parties talk about the general elections and other issues. And yes you guessed it, the SDP was kept out.

The opposition parties present were the Workers’ Party (WP), National Solidarity Party (NSP) and the Reform Party (RP). This is not the first that the Singapore Democrats have been excluded from the programme.


There was a similar episode a few months ago where the same parties were invited to appear except the SDP.

This is especially strange because it is the Singapore Democrats who have articulated a clear and detailed alternative programme to the PAP in our economic manifesto It’s About You and we are the only opposition party to present a Shadow Budget where we specify programmes for the nation.

We have been the ones to advocate Minimim Wage in place of the PAP’s Workfare and we have proposed the Singaporeans First Policy instead of the present Foreign Talent Policy. We have also taken clear positions on various issues on National Service, the COE system, education, etc.

These are substantive alternatives to the PAP’s policies. Aren’t they all worth debating? And yet the PAP has repeatedly refused to answer our calls for a public debate, both on the traditional and new media.

And when it does debate opposition parties, it leaves out the SDP.

The obvious question that one must ask is: What is the PAP afraid of? Why does it fear letting voters hear our ideas and proposals? 

The agenda is clear: The Singapore Democrats must be kept out of Parliament at all costs – even if it means having to be so blatant in singling out the SDP so Singaporeans do not get to watch and hear us.

This is why we put in so much effort to make this website the most visited party website in Singapore. We know that the media will especially discriminate against the SDP. It is the effort to overcome this handicap that drives us on.

Channel News Asia and the rest of the media will continue to make sure that they keep the SDP out of the mind of the voters. We ask you, our supporters, not to let this happen. Help spread the word about this website.

Help make this elections a truly historic one where you, the netizen, change the course of history in Singapore and get the SDP into Parliament – something which the PAP, from its actions, fears the most.

You have the power to do it. The best part is that now you also have the means!

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