Democrats campaign in Whampoa and Yuhua SMCs

Singapore Democrats

  Democrats at the Yuhua Food Centre

The Singapore Democrats launched our campaigns in the Whampoa and Yuhua SMCs yesterday with walkabouts in both the constituencies. Members and supporters were out and about the Whampoa Food Centre to meet with residents early on Sunday morning.

Several people came up to greet the men and women in red, and asked if we were going to contest there.A few of them said that they were expecting to see us there as they had been following this website and had read that we were visiting Whampoa that morning.

At the same time, we were selling copies of The New Democrat which didn’t take long to be sell out. Members also distributed flyers asking the residents to visit our website. One gentleman said that he had come all the way from the East to meet us.

An hour or so later, everyone boarded a chartered bus to Jurong for the second leg of our walkabout. Yuhua SMC was our destination. We wanted to go back to our old stomping ground where we had been campaigning for years. The SDP had contested the Jurong GRC in the 2001 general elections.

Jaslyn Go speaking with a resident

As in Whampoa, we spread our message of needing to keep the cost of living and how we needed to get into Parliament in order to achieve this.

“After each election,” Dr Chee Soon Juan reminded the electorate, “the GST went up from three to five and now to seven percent. What’s it going to be after this elections? Nine percent? Eleven percent?”

He urged voters to support the party and send our candidates to parliament when the time came: “Help us to help you. Help us to get into Parliament to speak up for you.”

Following the rounds at the Jurong estate, members again boarded the bus to head back for Whampoa.

All this time Danny was with us and, as usual, he was charming everyone whom he met especially our little friends.

As hard as the work was, we had a good time and meeting folks who seemed happy to see us and were receptive to our message. The high rate of our newspaper sales confirmed our feeling that we have come to the right constituiencies to contest the PAP.

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