SDP website surpasses 1,000-mark

Singapore Democrats
Several days ago we reported that this website’s readership was at an all-time high. Our ranking among websites in Singapore, according to, stood at 1,173. We called on our readers and supporters to help us push the website past the 1,000th position.


Today, we are happy to announce that this has been achieved. Our ranking has surged to 985. Thanks to all of you the SDP’s website is becoming increasingly popular.

The more Singaporeans read our website the more they will understand what we stand for and the more they will see that we are a credible opposition.

They will read our alternative ideas, they will see that we have been working since the last GE and they will see that our candidates are worthy of the vote.

Most important they will be able to bypass the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and MediaCorp, the mouthpieces of the PAP, who continue to censor our news or report it in a biased manner.

SPH, apart from a few obligatory reports, have largely ignored news about our Shadow Budget 2011. MediaCorp is worse. It flat out refused to even have the Singapore Democrats on its Talking Point programme even though other opposition parties were invited. The PAP  even had two representatives on that programme!

But as with everything, rather than complain the Singapore Democrats will work even harder to overcome the problem. We are the party of the can-do spirit.

But we need your help. Send this article to your friends or post it on your Facebook. Help us leverage on the Internet and bypass the mainstream media. We are confident that Singaporeans will support us if they get to read and watch us on this webiste.

You can also join our Facebook or follow us on Twitter. To give you an idea of how fast our news spreads, 11 persons tweeted our piece Why is SDP excluded from CNA programme again? when it was first posted and in a matter of hours the it reached 6,553 people.

So do your part this coming elections. Every little bit counts.

We have worked very hard through the years to make this website a success. Thanks to your support, we have surpassed the 1000th mark. We ask all of you to now help us spread the message and get this website beyond the 500th mark. Let’s go out and change more minds!

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