Anger in Japan at MFA

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Dear Sir,

My family is in Japan and due to the quake disaster we tried to reach the Singapore embassy. The following is the response from the embassy which is really useless to us.



Thank you for your e-mail.

We would advise you to eRegister with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at if you have not done so.

This will enable the Ministry and the Embassy in Tokyo to contact you in case of emergencies.

With regard to your other queries, for visa, you will have to take it  up with ICA in Singapore.


Counsellor (Admin & Consular)
Singapore embassy, Tokyo


With regards to the above reply from the embassy, please allow us to explain why we got so fed up now with such a useless Singapore PAP style government.

1. Please understand that this is a time of emergency disaster and we are requested to “eRegister” with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Does this mean that without eRegister there is no assistance for us?!

2. Follow the link to the eRegister and you will know how useless the system is, especially to those semi-retired and not good with PC!

3. In times of a disaster such as this, can we not expect the internet service to be not available?

4. A PDF file printed straight from the eRegister web page says “register 3 days in advance”!

5. And visa for immediate families who are non-Singapore Citizen. What? we have to go through ICA ourselves!?

We are so so shocked with such irresponsible reaction. From now on we will support the opposition all the way! Surely the PAP do not deserve our respect and trust!

This is a Singapore govt that plays taiji pushing all the responsibility away. Please note the 2nd press release from the embassy, how the embassy “push” all responsibility to us.

Wee Family

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