Democrats step up campaign at Yuhua and Holland-BT

Singapore Democrats

SDP activists were out and about at the constituencies that we will be contesting in the coming elections. We visited the Yuhua constituency again. This is the second time that the party is visiting the ward in as many weeks.

The morning started off at the Bukit Timah Food Centre which is located at the heart of the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC. After greeting the residents there, we hopped on our bus and proceeded to another busy centre in the GRC, the Ghim Moh market.

The Singapore Democrats have repeatedly visited these centres in the past.The slight drizzle that took place in the early part of the walkabout did not dampen spirits.

Former ISA detainees Mr Michael Fernandez and Mr Vincent Cheng were on hand to greet the voters.

“Support the SDP,” Mr Fernandez told the crowd in Chinese, “we need the opposition in Parliament.” Mr Fernandez has learnt Chinese when he was detained for nine years.

The 78-year-young Democrat has lost none of his verve to speak out for the people, especially workers whose rights he championed as a trade unionist in the 1960s.

As before, residents were generally friendly and welcoming. Some wanted to know who our candidates were. They were quickly introduced to several one of whom was Mr John Tan.

One resident asked Mr Tan: “What are the issues that you will be fighting for?”

“Topmost on our list is the cost of living,” the party’s assistant secretary-general replied. “We know that Singaporeans are hurting from the high expenses and many of these are caused by the PAP’s policies. Singaporeans need to send us into Parliament so that we can keep fees and fares down to a minimum.”

Mr Tan also added that we will ask voters to send a clear message to the Government that Singaporeans are angry at the so-called Foreign talent policy which is a guise to load the population here with cheap labour from overseas.  

At the Yuhua constituency which will be a single-seat ward, we encountered at three residents at a bus-stop all of whom expressed their anger at the PAP.

“Yes, please come here,” said one of them in Hokkien. “We need to fight the PAP. Enough of them already!”

We passed out leaflets calling on the electorate to visit this website. “There’s a lot of information that you don’t read in the media because they censor our news,” called out Dr James Gomez to the residents. “And come join our Facebook.

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