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It’s been a long road for the Singapore Democrats as far as this general elections is concerned. We have been preparing for it for a full two years now. Thanks to the Internet, we can take our readers back to our first discussions on getting up our party on election preparations.

This was back in March 2009 when we gathered for a retreat to discuss plans for the GE. (See here) We had no idea then when the elections were going to be but we knew we had to start our  preparations.


It was at that meeting that we decided to get serious with our video production. We also embarked on the process of drawing up our alternative economic mainfesto . A year-and-a-half and much research later, we published It’s About You.

Since then it has been one long grind going for our walkabouts and house visits at Bukit Panjang and Bishan-Toa Payoh constituencies. We subsequently picked up on Holland-Bukit Timah.

At our retreat two years ago

Despite the hard slog of our ground campaign we found time to commemorate our 30th anniversary with a memorable evening of Dazzle With The Democrats. In many ways, this event proved to be a turning point for our organisation. We found that we had the wherewithal to pull off a major event and do it with quality.

We also staged two successful pre-election rallies (here and here) that allowed us to test our logistical capabilities for the nine days of GE campaigning.

In conjunction, we carried out a dry run for the elections in Exercise Lightning Block. We gained valuable insight into our operational strengths and weaknesses, experience that is proving handy in our final preparations for the real event.

Celebrating our 30th birthday

Then somewhere along the way, a Bear joined us. And not just an ordinary bear. Danny was special. He loved democracy. He has since become a permanent fixture in our campaign and quite a hit with the people – both the young as well as the wise.

All this took place while we were repeatedly hauled to court to face charges for exercising our political rights. This could only happen in a country where the government rules insecure and unconfident.

Some of the hearings lasted for more than a year. We had mothers who had children to look after, businesspeople who had clients to meet, and even a national servicemen who had NS to serve.

But we persevered. We took what they dished out. We remained determined to carry on the fight despite everything that was thrown at us.

We even published our Shadow Budget 2011 which no opposition has ever done.

Danny comes to town

Today we stand on the eve of the general elections, our faces lined with sweat. But we’ve never felt more proud of our party and our spirits have never been higher.

We are bound together not just by the excitement of the elections but by the values that we hold dear in the party, values of sacrifice and teamwork, humility and diligence, resourcefulness and creativity. 

For we are the Singapore Democrats and we stand ready to serve.

We have shown that we are not the riff-raff that Mr Lee Kuan Yew likes to paint the opposition to be. We have shown that we are a competent, constructive and compassionate organisation with qualities surpassing those of the PAP.

Ready to serve

If you believe that we are the opposition that you have been waiting for, then now is the time to actively support us. Donate to our election campaign. In order to run an effective contest, we need funds for everything from printing posters and flyers to paying for venues for our rallies to renting pick-ups for transport

Your donation could mean the difference between victory or defeat for us, the difference between the dawn of a democratic era for Singapore or continued one-party rule.

Elections are just days away. At this crucial time, do your part. We need your support. Singapore needs your support.

You can make your contributions online here.

Or you can transfer or deposit your donations directly into our account:

Account name: Singapore Democratic Party
Account number: 025 – 006978 – 1
Bank: DBS Bank
Swift code: DBSS SGSG
(Note: No ATM card required if you use a DBS cash deposit machine)

Or you can do it in person at our office at 12A Jalan Gelenggang (off Upper Thomson Road), or email us:

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