Help us fight economic injustice, join us at Yuhua tomorrow

Singapore Democrats

Initially, Madam Tan (not her real name) was reluctant to open the door of her flat when SDP members called on her during our house visit on Thursday evening at the Yuhua SMC. Standing behind the slightly ajar door, Mdm Tan seemed more keen to get rid of the visitors and withdraw into her cocoon.

Noticing that all was not well, an alert SDP member: “Do you have any problem that you would like to share with us?”

Upon hearing this, she opened the door to let us have a clear view of the sparsely furnished hall. There was only a sofa. A boy without shirt was sleeping on it. He appeared to be around 12 years old.

Another boy, slightly older, was sleeping on the floor also without any pillow. Madam Tan’s last and third son, whom we were told later was 11 years old, was standing behind her.

What Mdm Tan, 39, told us was heart wrenching. She used to work as a cleaner to support her three school-going boys whose father, a Malaysian, visits them once in a while. She lost her job for taking time off to be with the boys whenever one of them fell ill.

She sought the help of her Member of Parliament Ms Grace Fu but to no avail. The utilities in the flat, including electricity and water, are under threat of being disconnected. Mdm Tan’s block is only a stone’s throw away from the Jurong Town Council office.

Tomorrow, as part of SDP’s ongoing visit to Yuhua, our members and supporters are planning to call on Mdm Tan with a doctor who has agreed to volunteer his services to offer medical assistance to one of her sick sons.

SDP is also intending to provide some basic food items and necessities sorely needed by the family.

PAP MP Michael Palmer told the audience during the Singapore Forum on Politics at the NUS that the PAP preferred targeted assistance rather than across the board subsidies. (Watch video here) Obviously, the PAP is sorely in need of target practice.

If Mdm Tan, who lives close to the Jurong Town Council office, is living in abject poverty how many more of our poor are going through life without assistance?

And yet our ministers think nothing of paying themselves millions of dollars in bonuses. The prime minister is going to rake in about $4 million this year.

Such is the economic injustice that exists in Singapore. The Singapore Democrats are determined to right this wrong and you can help. Join us for a walkabout starting at 9 am tomorrow Sunday, 27 Mar 11, at the Bukit Panjang SMC (Fajar LRT station). We will then proceed to Yuhua SMC to continue with our campaign.

Singaporeans like Mdm Tan are not alone in their predicament. They need our help. Don’t let the PAP treat us like lesser mortals. Let’s claim back our society and make our society more equal. See you tomorrow.

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