SDP v PAP: The difference

Singapore Democrats

In this elections, Singaporeans have to make a crucial decision. Never have our country faced such a grave situation where the vote of the people will impact so greatly on their lives both in the immediate and long-term.

The Singapore Democrats have been trying to warn the people of the dangers that lie ahead if the PAP continues to control Parliament in such overwhelming and unhealthy numbers.

The direction that the ruling party is dragging us in will result in hardship and uncertainty. The signs are already present. They will worsen if Singaporeans do not put SDP into Parliament to check what the PAP is doing and to set a different course for the nation.

There is a stark choice that voters have to make. It is a grave decision you will have to make and we want to take you through the essential differences between the two parties so that you know exactly what you are voting for:

The PAP wants to.. The SDP wants to..
Increase the cost of living so that it can continue to generate revenue for the government. Decrease the cost of living to ease the financial burden of Singaporeans.
Increase the population to 6.5 million by bringing in another 1.5 million foreigners. By then, the foreigners will outnumber Singaporeans. Take in only genuinely talented foreigners. We want to introduce the Singaporeans First Policy where Singaporeans are given priority over foreigners when it comes to employment.
Entrench an elitist economy where income disparity widens. Such an approach will cause resentment and tension among the classes and will result in society’s collapse. Build a system that is fairer and more equitable, one which levels up society and where economic growth benefits all segments of society. This will ensure that our economy is sustainable.
Make this elections about itself and the renewal of its leadership. It is a party that thinks of its self-interests and emphasizes its own importance and lavishes state resources on itself and its ministers. Make this elections about you, the people. We want the focus to be on ordinary Singaporeans and we want to invest the state’s resources in the people. It’s About You, not the PAP.
Control Singapore’s economy through Government-linked companies (GLCs) and hoping that these economic dinosaurs will spearhead our economy. Nurture an environment that encourages small and medium sized enterprises run by talented and innovative Singaporeans to power our economy.
Hoard our national reserves under the GIC run by Mr Lee Kuan Yew and Temasek Holdings run by Mdm Ho Ching (Mr Lee Hsien Loong’s wife). Both organisations are not transparent and accountable to the people. Make the GIC and Temasek transparent where accounts are made public and scrutinised in Parliament. GIC should be managed by a group of independent managers not involved in PAP. Temasek Holdings should be divested.
Continue to rely on a party that is outmoded and autocratic in both its thinking and practice. The PAP is a political relic run by rich, old men who are out of touch with the realities of the Singapore. Build a party that is nimble, creative and responsive to the needs of the people. We want to tap on the talent of ordinary Singaporeans. Our success depends on the success of the people.
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