It’s About You, not PAP

James Gomez

This general elections, It’s About You – the Singaporean voters, your families and what we can do to alleviate the economic hardships caused by PAP`s bad policies. Instead, the PAP is making this election all about itself.

For days on end we are hearing that this election is about PAP`s “self-renewal”, “4G leaders”, its new candidates, its line up of candidates in GRCs and its long term survival as the ruling party.

We have heard nothing specific about policies the PAP will introduce to reduce the suffering it has caused to the people of Singapore.

Hardships caused by PAP`s bad policies that have led Singaporeans to suffer rising costs of living, overcrowding by large number of foreigners and depressed wages for Singaporeans.

The only worker`s organization, NTUC, through its partnership with the PAP is no longer an effective organization for workers` interests.

The NTUC has metamorphosed into a political tool of the PAP to recruit, employ and deploy its election candidates.

The PAP is talking itself up, its candidates and its long term survival this elections, but we have heard nothing about the PAP`s election manifesto and its programs to elevate the suffering of Singaporeans.

For too long we have let the PAP make Singapore elections all about itself. And as a result, it has ignored the people and the policies needed to improve their current conditions.

A compliant media that reports the PAP propaganda and does not question this jarring absence of policies for the people only highlights the fact that the elections is all about the PAP.

The SDP’s policies, on the other hand, are people policies because Singaporeans are important. That’s why we entitled our economic manifesto It’s About You. It’s about the people of Singapore and your families.

And we will be speaking up for you.

James Gomez is an academic at an Australian university. He is back in Singapore and will work full-time on the SDP’s election campaign.


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