SDP to MCYS: Don’t evade, answer the question and be accountable

Singapore Democrats

We refer to the to the letter “Why the YOG was a success” and the report “MCYS rebuts SDP`s criticism of YOG” dated 9 April 2011.

The Singapore Democratic Party calls on MCYS Minister Vivian Balakrishnan not to skirt the issue and answer the central question. Why did the final expenditure for YOG exceed the original budget of 104 million to 387 million?

The over-spent money would have been better off providing relief for underprivileged Singaporeans. As it stands, the return on investment of Singaporean taxpayers` money for the YOG is extremely disproportionate. The numbers put forth by the Ministry must be scrutinised.

The reason why SDP is raising this issue is this: The PAP government and its Ministers have gotten into the habit of wasting public funds without public accountability.

This has to stop.

We call on MCYS to make public the financial accounts of the YOG.

Dr. James Gomez
for the Singapore Democratic Party

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