We make you The SDP Promise

Singapore Democrats

Chee Soon Juan taking questions from the media

The Singapore Democrats launched The SDP Promise today. With the members of the Central Executive Committee present, Chairman Gandhi Ambalam welcomed the members of the media and the public.

He said that the SDP is making these promises because it is intent of changing policies that hurt the people.

He then passed the floor to Assistant Secretary-General who highlighted the main reason for the 10-point Promise which is that the Singapore Democrats want to make the political system in Singapore transparent and accountable.

By making our promises explicit, the SDP is effectively inviting our constituents to track the performance of our Parliamentarians. A party that makes no promises before elections, cannot be held accountable after the elections. We want our voters to know clearly what they are voting for and what they can expect when they elect our candidates into Parliament. 


The SDP Promise

Dear Residents,sdp_promise_flyer_2

The SDP is contesting in this constituency. In seeking the opportunity to serve as your representatives in Parliament, we make you The SDP Promise. In the running of our constituency, we pledge:

1. To contribute 50% of our MP’s allowance to improve our party’s service to you and to seed an endowment fund for the needy.

2. Not to authorise any unsafe investments that place your funds at risk, unlike the PAP which lost $8 million of Town Council’s surpluses in toxic investments.

3. To run our Town Councils with you by getting residents involved in precinct management committees. Together, we will maintain our estate in a way that is better than the PAP’s town councils.

4. To conduct, in addition to our weekly Meet-the-People’s sessions, quarterly town hall meetings to obtain your views on policies that affect you and take them to parliament.

As your representatives, we pledge to work for the following as priority matters in Parliament:

5. Abolish the GST for essential items and foodstuffs, and reduce other items to 3%.

6. Introduce the Singaporeans First Policy to ensure that Singaporeans are given priority for jobs and stop the PAP from overcrowding our city.

7. Abolish the CPF Minimum Sum Scheme and return the hard-earned savings to the people.

8. Reduce cost of medications, consultation fees, polyclinics and hospitals.

9. Introduce minimum wage laws.

10. Reduce the class size from 40 to 20.

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