The SDP Promise: A people-managed community

The SDP Promise pledges to create PMC in your constituency to make sure that your views about the running of your estate are heardand built into a consensus for the good of the whole community.Singapore Democrats

There is no doubt that the members of a community are the best judge of their own interests, their needs and priorities.

This is not to say that every desire, impulse or inclination should be catered for. It is to listen to the perspectives and outlook of every member of the community, young and old, weigh up the priorities in the light of resources, and come to a decision about the best course of action for the community.

Most importantly, that decision must be democratically made. In other words, it is the people’s decision.

The people’s decision. Those are the key words. For as many people as there are in a community, there will be different needs and views. There will be differences of opinion. There will be discussion and debate.

But without a forum to raise these opinions, without a place to come together and resolve our differences, without an opportunity to agree, one view will always prevail against another. And as history has shown us – even in our own country – the view of the strong will triumph over those of the weak, the quiet, the less pushy, the less opinionated.

Democracy protects the weaker, the quieter. And ultimately it benefits everyone, because, a community that has been heard, a community that journeys together to consensus, is a community that is cohesive, strong, willing to work together for the common good.

People’s choice. We say it again. The basis of democracy is the people’s choice. Where we all come together, hear the views of all, and then take a decision.

In communities as large as our Singapore constituencies, direct representation needs to be structured so that it can be efficient and effective.

sdp_promise_flyer_2The SDP Promise pledges to create Precinct Management Committees (PMC) in your constituency to make sure that your views about the running of your estate are heard, considered and built into a consensus for the good of the whole community. PMCs will be representative groupings of:

  1. A number of blocks of flats,
    One or more condominium complexes, or
    Several streets of landed homes.

Each PMC will work with Residents Committees or Residents Associations already in existence. They will be responsible for setting a management framework including regular meetings, feedback channels, and decision-making processes to facilitate feedback and ideas to improve the community according to the needs and wishes of the residents.

PMCs will also contribute to project management and financial prudence so that your resources and funds are not wasted in poorly thought out, irresponsible, or unwanted initiatives that do not have the backing of the community.

An SDP run Town Council will be a council that is run in the interests of the community. It will not waste funds on razzmatazz projects designed to make your Town Council look good come election time. They will have strict terms of reference; performance standards; project management codes, and financial and progress reporting.

In short, they will ensure that your money and your amenities serve you, not the SDP. Your communities will be returned to you; they will become your own again.

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