This election is about the people of Singapore

Singapore Democrats

We refer to the comments made against the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) by PAP Minister Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan in your report “Not to let the people down” in a local newspaper on 20 April 2011 .

The Singapore Democratic Party believes that this election is about the voters and the future of Singapore, not about the PAP’s renewal process or its internal leadership issues.

Our strategy is publicly documented on our website and in the SDP Promise. Our specific plans for the people are clearly articulated in SDP`s Alternative Economic Programme – It’s About You and our Shadow Budget 2011: Empowering the Nation.

Singaporeans will judge whether SDP’s calls for fair treatment in jobs, education and healthcare are “extremist”. We are a party that believes this election is about the people of Singapore.

We want to hold the PAP and Minister Vivian Balakrishnan accountable for taxpayer`s money to prevent another fiasco like the gross mismanagement of the YOG budget.

We repeat our challenge to Minister Vivian Balakrishnan to a public debate on these issues – this will allow him to better understand the SDP, its programme and where we come from.

Dr. James Gomez
for Singapore Democratic Party

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