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We received an email from a Singaporean: “I showed my mother, an avid fan of PAP since the early days, the video of the Hokkien speech by Dr Chee. Having gone through some medical bills recently and reflecting on the current situation, my mother is now one of us, the opposition. I am almost moved to tears…Thank you again. Onward Singapore, Nick.”

The video as of the posting of this article has reached 60,000 in 10 days, an average of 6,000 views a day.

From the graph of the viewership, the number of views does not show any sign of weakening. As the days pass more and more people are watching the video.

We call on our supporters especially those in the Bukit Panjang and Yuhua SMCs and the Holland-Bukit Tmah and Sembawang GRCs to do what Nick did – turn on the video for your parents and grandparents, and anyone else who do not use the Internet regularly, to watch.

This is the age of the new media and we must use it to encourage the electorate to vote for the Singapore Democrats. Previously there was no way for the SDP to get our message across without going through the state-controlled media.

Buit the advent of the new media tools have changed things. The have allowed the SDP to communicate directly with the public. We have put it much effort in our online outreach and the consequences have been far reaching.

But we need to translate our effort into votes and in this regard, we depend on our readers and supporters to help us spread our message far and wide, and to persuade voters to come to our side instead of the PAP’s.

This video will go some ways to achieve this and we call on everyone to help us to do that. 7 May, here we come.

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