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The people’s team (from left): Jarrod Luo, Dr James Gomez, John Tan, Sadasivam Veriyah and Mohd Isa

The SDP announced its team for the Sembawang GRC yesterday morning. Party assistant secretary-general John Tan will lead the team. His teammates are: Dr James Gomez, Mr Mohd Isa, Mr Sadasivam and Mr Jarrod Luo.

The team held a press conference at the constituency and reiterated The SDP Promise to fight to lower the GST and stop the PAP from increasing the GST after the elections.

Mr Tan said that the team reflected the diversity that is needed in a GRC. It had experienced contestants such as Dr Gomez and Mr Isa as well as youth leaders in Mr Luo. 

“Each of us has our strengths and all of us have one thing in common, we are here to serve the people. We make them The SDP Promise.”

Immediately after the SDP announced that it would contest in the GRC last week, the PAP team lead by Mr Khaw Boon Wan announced plans for a $500 million upgrading for the ward.

Sembawang residents have to question Mr Khaw whether he is genuinely sincere in helping the residents there or if he is merely using the plans to score political points.

If he was sincere then why did he wait until the SDP’s announcement of our plans to contest there? And why wait until the elections to announce these plans? If the SDP had not contested the ward, would the announcement still have been made?

Dr Gomez took the issue further: “The SDP would like to ask PAP’s Sembawang GRC team how they came up with this sum of $500 million. Where does this $500 million come from and what is the breakdown? Who or which agency is contributing to this $500 million? I am sure the residents of Sembawang and the Singapore public as a whole would like to know.”

Speaking in Chinese Mr Luo brought the residents’ concerns of the overcrowding of the MRT trains: “Sometimes it gets so crowded that you have to miss two or three trains before you can get on.” He said that the SDP team will bring up these matters in Parliament and rectify the problem if elected.

The fourth candidate Mr Sadasivam started off in Tamil and continued on in English. He said he was a resident in Sembawang and therefore understand the constituents concerns better than anyone else.

“I see them day to day and I know what their problems are and I can effectively represent them in Parliament. The cost of living and influx of foreign workers are hurting them and I will take these issues with me to Parliament,” Mr Sadasivam promised.

Mr Mohd Isa talked about the necessity of Singapore being an inclusive society where meritocracy is not code for discrimination against Malays. 

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