Teo Soh Lung for Yuhua, Alec Tok for Bukit Panjang

Singapore Democrats

   SDP’s candidates for Bt Panjiang & Yuhua SMCs

The SDP announced two new candidates for our single-seat wards at Yuhua and Bukit Panjang. Ms Teo Soh Lung and Mr Alec Tok will be fielded in these two constituencies respectively.

At a press conference held yesterday Ms Teo told reporters that she was happy to face Ms Grace Fu who is expected to be the PAP candidate. She added that her prime concern was the high healthcare cost in Singapore which had a great impact on the elderly.

A lawyer by training who had done her pupillage under the illustrious David Marshall, Ms Teo said that she looks after her elderly mother and she knows how expensive medication is for those who need treatment.

“All these people worked to help build up Singapore when they were young and when they grow old, how we can just cast them aside?” she asked. “This is not right!”

She had provided free legal service to people who could not otherwise afford engaging a lawyer to handle their cases. She had set up an office in Aljunied to assist the working poor. When she was an officer at the Law Society, she also started the Legal Aid Clinic to provide free services for the needy.

This strong sense of social and economic justice persists till today and this is the reason why the Singapore Democrats are proud that she is representing us at Yuhua to contest the PAP. Given her background and her sense of public service, Ms Teo would make a very sound MP for the constituency.

And so would Mr Alec Tok for Bukit Panjang.

   Alec Tok (left) and Teo Soh Lung

Mr Tok joined the SDP recently and immediately struck a cord with our members. Seeing this, party Treasurer Mr Gerald Sng felt that Mr Tok would give Dr Teo Ho Pin a good contest, Mr Sng graciously offered Mr Tok to stand in his stead.

In the true tradition of sacrifice and humility that are the core values that underpin creed of the party, Mr Sng put party interest first and stepped aside for the newcomer.

For his part Mr Tok expressed that he had all along felt that the SDP’s values and policies were consonant with his own and he felt very comfortable standing under the SDP banner. He has been around to help the party in our walkabouts and recently declared his interest to stand with the SDP.

Mr Tok was a member of the Reform Party (RP) and joined the SDP after he had left the RP.

“I want to fight on the issues that matter to the people,” the candidate said. “The cost of living is one of those issues and I want to get into Parliament to push for the introduction of the minimum wage law which would help this at the bottom rung of the economic ladder. The SDP Promise is something that I want to work towards.”

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