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Singapore Democrats

We had revamped this website for GE2011 earlier today. However, our faithful legion of readers have expressed their preference for the original format and by popular demand we have reverted back to this one.

In the process, we have incorporated a couple of new features specially taliored for the elections. First, we introduce Our Candidates here. You can read their profiles and biodata on this page, and we are sure you will find that they will make more than competent and caring MPs.

Second, we highlight our online Manifesto here. The issues in this Manifesto are crystallised to allow you to quickly read and digest the essential points in the policy areas that we present. Take a tour and see for yourself what we mean.

Then there is the section on Featured Videos. As you know, we are the only political party to produce a stream of videos featuring our members and important issues of the day. We will highlight some of the more significant ones during the GE period, and we know you and our new visitors will enjoy them.

In the past several days our readership has shot up significantly. You may recall that weeks ago, we had reported that according to which tracks the traffic of websites globally this website had jumped significantly in ranking among Singaporean websites.

Our position then was more than 1,000th position. Today we have shot up to 470th. We are the number one political party website in Singapore and we look forward to increasing our popularity. With more and more readers visiting us everyday, we will continue our expansion.

We want to thank all of you for helping to make this website a successful one and we hope that you will continue to spread the word and urge your family and friends to meet us at this portal.

But don’t stop there. Come and help us in our campaign. We need hands and legs for the various activities such as accompanying our candidates for walkabouts, distributing flyers, driving our perambulating vehicles and so on.

And we continue to need financial assistance. Please help by clicking here to donate.

This elections is turning out to be a historic one. We have fielded a fantastic slate of candidates worthy of your support. Help us make our campaign one to remember.

In the meantime join us for our first GE2011 Rally at the open field opposite the Commonwealth MRT Station at 7 pm. You won’t want to miss this. See you at the rally.

SDP’s first GE2011 Rally

Date/time: Thurs, 28 Apr/7pm
Venue: Open field bounded by Commonwealth Ave, Commonwealth Drive and Commonwealth Close
Nearest MRT: Commonwealth

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