Video going viral; a reflection of our work

Singapore Democrats

12,000 views in 24 hours! That’s the record viewership of the SDP’s videos. It’s called SDP Loves Singapore – Vote SDP which has received rave reviews. Forward it to everyone you know especially voters at Bt Panjang, Yuhua, Holl-Bt and Sembawang and help us get into Parliament.

The video took about one year to complete. It was entirely an in-house production; we did not engage a professional production house to do it. 

A small team sat to design the ‘script’ and write the various parts of the video. Given the nature of the clip with the multiple scenes which all had to come together in a finale, the designing took several weeks.

Then came the shooting. As you can see this was a massive exercise involving 45 of our members. Each had to hold different placards and to ‘pass’ them in the prescribed format. There were times when it seemed impossible to pull off.

The third and final stage was the most complex of all. Editing was done by Seelan Palay and assisted by Shafiee. Every cell had to be timed in such a way as to complement and coordinate with other cells. It was no easy feat.

We wanted to save the best of our videos for GE2011. We hope that you enjoyed it.

The making of this video reflects what the Singapore Democrats have been doing all these years. In everything that we have done, be it the elections dry run Exercise Lightning Block or our 30th anniversary dinner or our pre-election rallies, we have given it our all – and then some.

We marshal our limited resources, do the necessary planning and then execute the blueprint in a disciplined manner – the hallmark of a competent organisation which we strive to be.

We bring these qualities to this election as we promise you, our voters, that we will apply the same kind of dedication and attention to detail in our planning and execution of programmes that will affect you. And as with the results of this video, the outcome of our programmes will be uplifting and forward looking.

We hope that we have demonstrated our competence to serve you, we are certainly more constructive and creative to solve your problems, and there is no argument as to who is the more compassionate party.

We present below the video again. Forward it to everyone you know and help get our candidates elected. Help change Singapore!   

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