Commercial support: Breaking the fear barrier

Singapore Democrats

This elections mark another important turning point. Not only are former top civil servants joining the SDP – ex-private principal secretary to Mr Goh Chok Tong and former SAF medical officer Colonel Dr Ang Yong Guan are both standing as SDP candidates – commercial entities are also joining in the effort to bring about demcracy in this island of ours.

Conti Components, a company specialising in bicycle equipment (, offered us free advertising space on its website.
In addition, Billy Bombers, a family restuarant chain has invited our candidates and election agents to complimentary food and drinks at its outlets during the election period. We probably won’t have time to take up the offer but we are grateful for the kind gesture.

In the past, the commercial sector has kept a long distance from the opposition for fear of antagonising the PAP and losing business contacts and opportunities.

To be sure, many businesspeople still shun the opposition. From this episode, however, it seems that our Singaporean businesses are slowly shedding their fear and coming forward to join in the effort of making our island a democratic one.

There seems to be a stirring of our nation’s soul this elections. It has been a soul that has long been silenced out of fear. Fear never made a country strong, and we want our Singapore to be strong.

To all of you who have shown your support for us, we say a heartfelt thank you. You do this not for any one party but for the nation that we all love.

We must all remember that the PAP is not Singapore and Singapore is not the PAP. As long as we have that clear in our minds we will know where our loyalty and priorities should go.

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