Taking CSJ’s Hokkien video beyond the Internet

Singapore Democrats


  Chee Soon Juan’s Hokkien video  being played at an electronic shop

As the viewership of Dr Chee Soon Juan’s Hokkien video continues to climb, we are going to take the Youtube video beyong the Internet.

As the views on the video approaches a record breaking 120,000, there is still a significant part of the population, especially those without access to the internet, who have no way to view Youtube videos.

“My father is in his late 50’s and has always been pretty nonchalant or should I say disenchanted when it came to local politics. I showed this video him last night and he was stuck to the screen from the get go.

I guess the part about minister’s pay of $10,000 a day really struck him; he couldn’t stop talking about it and said that it was not an impression he had of Dr Chee. He would like his friends to watch it as well, so I’ve extracted the video and uploaded it on his phone so he can share it around.”


We urge readers to download and disseminate it via offline sharing.

Download .3gp format video, for non-smartphones (Nokia, Blackberry Sony-Ericsson)

Upload it using your laptop via Bluetooth connection or Wireless transfer to the phone. Most non-smartphones such as Nokia phones will have a Bluetooth function. Use the Bluetooth File Transfer on your laptop to transfer the .3gp video to the phone directly. Your phone must have Bluetooth option enabled.

Alternatively, transfer the video to the phone’s memory card directly with a multi-card reader, or, get the video from someone who already has it, using phone-to-phone Bluetooth or Wireless transfer.

Download .mp4 format video, for smartphones, (iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, HTC etc)

1) Download the .mp4 video
2) Transfer it to your smartphone to be viewed offline if you don’t have mobile Internet
3)  If the file format is not supported by your phone, use a free Video Converter to convert this video into a suitable format

We are counting on you to reach out to people who have not seen this side of the party and this side of Dr Chee Soon Juan in this election.

The video has gone viral in a very short time, and was captured being played in an electronic store in a shopping centre. Please show it to anyone you know, every small effort will count in our campaign to reach out to the masses.

youtube link

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