Are SDP posters being taken down?

Singapore Democrats

A resident at the Yuhua SMC alerted us to a lorry that was removing SDP posters (pictured) while leaving the PAP’s alone. The vehicle doesn’t look like the one that we are using to mount our posters.

This was not an isolated instance. Another resident called to report that a white van (license plate No. PA9224) was spotted in his neighbourhood removing the SDP posters from lamp posts at Bukit Panjang where Mr Alec Tok is contesting.  
A third one informed us that at Woodlands Drive 50, after Admiralty MRT station, a number if posters were spotted lying on the floor yesterday as if they were torn down.

Another voter saw an SDP poster at lamp-post beside the bus-stop opposite Admiralty MRT station cut.

We ask our supporters to be vigilant and inform us of such incidents and where possible note the number of the vehicle that is being used.

Poster stickers

Still on the subject of posters. Each poster that is mounted needs to have an Elections Department sticker affixed on it. For the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC the number of stickers issued was 2,000. This works out to only 500 posters per candidate which seems extremely low.

As a result we have an excess of posters that cannot be used because they do not have stickers.

After all the stickers were used and the posters mounted, SDP posters seem to be greatly out-numbered by the PAP ones.

We will query the Elections Department on this and find out if there was a discrepancy in the number of stickers being handed out to parties.

These instances may be why some residents do not see the SDP posters in your constituency.

In the meantime we hope you have received our booklet about our candidates which we have distributed to every household in the constituencies that we are contesting.

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