It’s all up to you, Singaporeans

Singapore Democrats

We have come to the end of our campaign for GE2011. Our long road started in March 2009 – more than two years ago. Since then we have ridden the ups and downs, twists and turns of a campaign that has been exhiliarating at times and trying at others.Through these years, we have built up this party through sweat and sacrifice and we hope the results are evident to you. This website is testament to all that we have done. Our traffic ranking among Singapore websites as recorded by has shot to 230. The number of visitors even surpasses that of the PAP’s website.

(Please note that new regulations prohibit us from updating this website until after Polling Day. We will resume our updates then.)

We are the only party to have posted videos for your information and sometimes entertainment. Make sure you visit our Featured Videos page and take a look at some of our more popular videos during the Cooling-off Day. More important forward them to your family and friends.

Our work has allowed our competence to shine through. As a result we have been able to field a slate of candidates who we dare say is quite unprecedented in Singapore’s opposition political history. We have top former civil servants, academics, and high calibre professionals in our team. We invite you to review our candidates’ biodata here.

You may also know that we have been the most contsructive party in the years leading up to this campaign. We published and launched our economic manifesto It’s About You last year. We have condensed this and presented our Manifesto online. We ask you to take a look at this and again inform everyone you know about it.

Early this year, Dr Vincent Wijeysingha presented our Shadow Budget 2011. Now during the campaign, Mr Tan Jee Say has come up with an economic plan to take Singapore forward. Dr James Gomez launched our Shadow Healthcare Plan: Healing With Care which he has worked on with a team of six medical professions including Dr Ang Yong Guan and Prof Paul Tambyah of NUH.

We are proud of the fact that we are the party of ideas and solutions to take our country forward.

In all that we propose, we have always based it on the fact that as a society we need to demonstrate compassion to our fellow men and women. Without compassion we become no matter than animals.

Even as we strive to push our economy ahead, we must never leave behind our poor, our weak and our elderly. Compassion is what we must retain and compassion is at the heart of everything we do here at the SDP.

We have visited as many of houses as we possible could. We apologise to those of you whom we could not say hello to in person and we ask for your understanding that with our limited resources we could not visit every household.

We have given our all and we stand ready to give even more.

In this campaign many arguments have been made and many words have been exchanged. But we recognise that at the end of the day after all the hype has died down, it is you who must live with the policies that your MPs make. It is for this reason that we we have made this campaign about you because we the Singapore Democrats believe that politicians exist to serve, not lord over, the people.

The campaigning is over. Now it’s up to you. You will go to the polls on Saturday and you will vote for your future. We hope that we have earned your vote. Vote for the party that can serve you well. Vote for a party that is Competent, Constructive and Compassionate.

Vote SDP.

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