Democrats to host 400 volunteers for thank you dinner

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will host up to 400 volunteers and members in a thank-you dinner tomorrow evening. As the name suggests, the event is to acknowledge the contributions of our campaign helpers to polls conducted recently.

The Democrats experienced an unprecedented surge of Singaporeans coming to help in the campaign, especially in the final days leading up to polling. Many enthusiastically stepped forward to volunteer as polling and counting agents.

The dinner tomorrow will gather everyone again for the first since the elections. It will be an opportunity for the Party to say a proper and heartfelt thank you to our campaign workers.

It is also a chance for our supporters to get up close with the party leadership and candidates. The event is an opportunity for everyone to exchange notes of their experiences during the GE.

More important than looking back, however, the SDP will discuss with attendees the Party’s plans for the coming years and identify areas that members can work on to ensure victory at the next polls.

The strong show of post-election support demonstrates that the Democrats are on the right track. We have clearly laid out our vision and manifesto for the nation, and our supporters have reacted positively to them. Our values of personal sacrifice and the strong sense of public service are also what the people support. 

The level of thought and research put into our work have translated into a positive outcome for us in terms of the surge in support even though we did not win our contests.

We look forward to working with our new found friends to achieve genuine democracy for Singapore.

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