SDP to hold workshop to organise Road to 2016 campaign

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will conduct a workshop this weekend to chart the way forward in the next five years on the Road to 2016. The workshop will be attended by 150 members and volunteers who will discuss the various strategies to bring the Party forward.

Among the participants are a wide ranging field of professionals including media consultants, medical doctors, legal professionals, business entrepreneurs, graphics artists, academics, students, and musicians.

The Road to 2016 is a programme that will chart out the SDP’s way towards electoral success at the next general elections.

The 4-hour workshop will see the participants organised into several sub-committees which will include community services, training & development, communications, policy studies, fund-raising and ground operations.

The sub-committees will be further broken down into smaller units to focus on specific tasks. For example, the community services sub-committee will look into providing legal clinics and medical consultation for the needy. The work will be conducted in three main areas: the North Zone (Sembawang, Bukit Panjang), Central Zone (Bukit Timah, Ghim Moh) and South Zone (Tanjong Pagar).

Another important sub-committee is communications which will focus on further improving the SDP’s effort to carry our message across to the public both online and off. Several media consultants and practitioners who joined the Party will help in this effort.

In addition to these sub-committees, the Singapore Democrats will put together a series of advisory panels in various areas such as healthcare, law, economics, education, and media and the arts. We will announce the composition of these panels in due course.

Following GE 2011, the SDP has seen a surge in the number of Singaporeans, many from the professional and even establishment sectors, coming forward to support and work for the cause which the SDP is spearheading, that is, the democratisation of Singapore.

The Party is wasting no time in tapping into our new-found talent and to establish ourselves as the party of thinkers and doers, ready to take Singapore forward. 


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