Training and development a key aspect of SDP’s plans for future

Singapore Democrats

The quality and quantity of our members and helpers must be increased to facilitate the party’s Road to 2016 programme. This was the consensus of the Training and Development Sub-Committee members during the workshop conducted on 14 May 11.

The Sub-Committee is charged with the responsibility of helping to expand the membership base of the party and to provide training for our members for the political contest ahead. We will also use the process to develop candidates for the next general elections.

It also has the job of ensuring that members and volunteers are adequately trained to reach out to the public and carry the party’s message forward.

To this end a series of in-house training programmes will be developed to provide members with the necessary skills to achieve our objective. The Sub-Committee will look into training personnel who will, in turn, train members as effective party representatives.

Training areas will include party history, policies and future directions. A manual will be published to complement the training sessions. Members will also be exposed to public presentation skills and how to recruit and retain members.

All work and no play make Democrats uninspired activists. Apart from political training, the group will also be responsible for organising recreational and social activities to keep party morale up and to strengthen camaraderie among our members.

Development of our youth members also come under this Sub-Committee. The recruitment and developing of Young Democrats will also be part of the curriculum to ensure a sound preparation of our youths for the party’s future.

As the demograhics of Singaporean voters change, more emphasis will have to be placed to engage these citizens on the political front. Reaching out to these youths will be the SDP’s priority and the Young Democats will play an important role in this effort.

Mr Bentley Tan, who co-facilitated the discussion with Mr Alec Tok who was the SDP candidate for Bukit Panjang SMC, said: “It is gratifying to see so many talented people so ethusiastic in wanting to help the SDP move forward. Training and developing all this talent is crucial for the future of Singapore’s politics.”


In the meantime, the Fund-Raising Sub-Committee outlined a series of activities that will help to get some of the projects off the ground.

Facilitated by Ms Michelle Lee, a candidate at the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC, this group had to depend on its creative side to come up with ideas to raise funds. Social and corporate events, big and small, were identified.

Some of these were more conventional (such as direct appeals through the Internet or selling our party newsletter) while others were bolder and more innovative (such as providing services to businesses that could generate income).

Given the pool of talent that the SDP has attracted we are confident that many of these projects will be effective and will further enhance our capability in reaching out to the Singaporean public.

The overriding aim is to make the SDP a credible opposition force and alternative to the PAP as government.

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