The PAP system of making Singaporeans pay for everything for the simple reason that “nothing is free” – is another ’sly DUPLICITY’ that is so characteristic of the PAP.

While “nothing is free” is accepted as a reality in Life, should Singaporeans not expect from the PAP to at least ‘NOT make runaway profits’ out of Health Care – as well as in all the other PAP implemented programs that are supposed to benefit Singaporeans (such as Public Transport and Public Housing)?

As matters stand, the PAP Government report huge runaway growth in the Annual Budget Surplus – despite the fact that Singapore does not out produce nor export more locally created and manufactured products that are comparable to Hong Kong, Korea or Taiwan.

Clearly, the bulk of the huge runaway growth in the Singapore Annual Budget Surplus comes from Singaporeans that form the ‘captive five million plus natives’ that support the web of enterprises owned by the PAP government – which provide all the critically essential goods and services needed by everyone living in Singapore.

If the PAP government is serious about putting all the ‘hard earned reserves’ into better productive use, it could have invested into the well being of Singaporeans.

Instead of losing US$100-BILLION to rescue the worthless overseas banks that suffered a melt-down during the New York Financial Crisis in 2007-2008 – and with a sizeable portion of the US$100-BILLION being used to pay for the bonuses and delayed remunerations to the hundreds of Bank Executives that had caused the New York Financial Crisis – part of the US$100-BILLION could have been the seed money to start a Citizens’ Health Insurance Scheme to cover all Singaporeans who are unfortunate to need hospital or medical care.

Similarly, part of this US$100-BILLION could have been used to create a Citizens’ Co-operative to takeover from the HDB – the responsibilities of building public housing; and with the profits generated from the sale of the public housing units being returned to benefit the Citizens’ Co-operative.

It is amazing that the PAP Government has the talent to create ideas to make money out of everyone living in Singapore, but has no clue to create co-operatives to handle the same businesses – (that are now all Government Owned and created through PUBLIC FUNDS) – and where the huge profits generated can be returned to the CPF Board for the benefit of all CPF Account Holders.