Democrats to meet Sembawang residents

Singapore Democrats

Following a couple of horrendous incidents involving security lapses of the water supply at the Sembawang GRC, the Singapore Democrats are making arrangements to meet with the residents to hear their concerns and see what can be done to address their concerns.

A few weeks ago, residents of Woodlands Block 686B found their water supply contaminated after a body was found in their water-tank.

Residents suffered much trauma after it was discovered that the Town Council belatedly told the residents that a corpse was floated in their drinking water-tank.

Many households indicated significant levels of psychological distress when the SDP visited them a few weeks ago. Some suffered diarrhea.

Not long after this episode, residents reported that they had seen workers going up to the rooftops and washing themselves in the water-tanks. Some of them were even seen performing sexual acts before bathing in the tanks.

The SDP is shocked by such news and is appalled by the lax security arrangement for protecting the water supply of the residents. The troubling question is how widespread the situation is.

If workers can gain such unmonitored access to the rooftops of a block, what is to prevent them from doing the same for the other blocks?

Many of the residents have expressed difficulty in getting answers to their questions and assurances that their security and well-being will be well looked after.

As such the Singapore Democrats will meet with the residents to get feedback from them and to ascertain what is the best course of action in providing assistance to alleviate their difficulties.

In the meantime, it must be noted that the mass media has failed to report on the SDP’s efforts to reach out to the constituents of Sembawang. We contested in the GRC in the recent general elections and have pledged to continue to work there to serve the needs of the constituency.

By not reporting on our activities there, it creates the impression that the SDP is inactive after the elections and unconcerned about what goes on in the constituency. This is far from the truth.

Without a free and fair press, opposition politics in Singapore can be shaped according to the PAP’s plans. Singaporeans must guard against this.