Democrats continue work at Sembawang GRC

Singapore Democrats

The SDP continued with its work on getting to know the residents in Sembawang and to speak up on their behalf. A team was out last night distributing flyers calling on constituents to meet up to talk about their concerns. The Singapore Democrats contested in the GRC in the last two general elections.

We had visited residents at Blk 686B at Woodlands when news broke that a dead body was found inside the water-tank that supplied drinking water to the households.

It was also found that workers had been allowed up on to the rooftops of the buildings where they were seen to have had sexual activity and bathed in the water-tanks thereafter.

These incidents signalled failure on the part of the Sembawang Town Council to provide security to important installations such as the water supply to the constituents.

There has been much ado about terrorist activities in Singapore. Given such a scenario, it is unconscionable for those in charge of town councils not to secure the water supply. If someone had wanted to conduct bio-terrorism, the residents’ drinking water would be prime target for mass poisoning.

Yet, no one at the Sembawang Town Council has been taken to task or held accountable even though the people’s security was compromised to such a frightening degree.

Such a system can only exist in a society where the authorities cannot be held acountable for their actions. The government bans residents from coming together to protest against such incompetence by the Town Council management and the media do little to highlight the massive failure.

All we have is quiet as if nothing had happened. The residents are left to cope with the fallout on their own.

The SDP is working to continue to monitor the situation by meeting up with the residents to provide them an avenue to speak up. We are also continuing our work in the other constituencies to listen to the people and to encourage them to become more involved in the political process and voice out on issues that affect them.

It is only when citizens come alive and participate actively in the nation’s politics can we safeguard our future and our interests, and establish a truly responsible and democratic First World society. The SDP will continue to help build such a society.   

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