ELD should give answers in view of presidential elections

Singapore Democrats

The Elections Department (ELD) has yet to respond to questions from the SDP regarding the voting process during the last general elections. The SDP posed many questions about the inconsistent manner the rules and regulations were implemented several weeks ago. (See here)

Among the most worrying observation was the fact that buses that were assigned to transport the ballot boxes from the polling stations to counting centres were seen to have other ballot boxes on board even before those that they were supposed to carry could be loaded.

The Singapore Democrats had written to the ELD right after the GE to which ELD Manager (for Public Education & Training), Ms Goh Jing Xian, replied on 18 May, asking for more detials so that the office “can look into them further.”

The SDP duly forwarded all the details including the names of the polling stations where the problems occurred.

After about a month when the ELD did not reply, the SDP followed up with a reminder email on 20 June and called up the department leaving several messages for Ms Goh to call back. Ms Goh did not reply to the email nor did she return the calls. 

Finally, on 29 June Ms Goh responded with a one-line email: “I will provide you with a reply once we have completed the investigations. Thank you.”

We followed up with an email asking for an estimated time period on how long the investigations would take. Ms Goh has again refused to respond to our email.

The SDP will continue monitor the situation and press the ELD for an answer. It is important that the Department conducts its investigations expeditiously and respond to the SDP queries as this will affect the conduct of the presidential elections which is just weeks away.

For this reason Singaporeans should take a keen interest in the matter and ask the ELD to deal with the matter on an urgent basis.

Elections Department
11 Prinsep Link
Singapore 187949
Tel: 1800 222 1808
Fax: 6332 3428

Email: elections@eld.gov.sg

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